My inflection point for starting this blog was in 2022. I had just sold my interest in a company that I started up with some great partners, and was asked to help find an investor/buyer for a small company that was looking for their next wealth creation event. And I thought, this was the right time to really take the next step in my journey…

Personal Journey

My personal journey was influenced by 3 things that my father largely instilled in us. If I heard these once, I heard them 1000 times.

1. If you want more than the basics, get a job and you can get whatever you want. At 8, my first job was as a janitor assistant in a local church and I was able to get things I wanted at the time. I’ve never looked back. We had to make our way, and we did.

2. We never fail, we only make mistakes. I literally grew up never knowing the concept of failure. To this day I don’t know what it means. If something isn’t working, I just try something else. Pivot quickly, analyze, repeat…get to the objective. This has been fundamental in achieving breathtaking results with my teams.

3. You have to get an education. A must and almost non-negotiable. We were all first generation college grads and to this day I love learning in all forms. Reading, Podcasts, Training, etc.

Professional Journey

Throughout my career I have achieved success in many different fields and businesses. From a Fortune 50 corporate executive in operations and running business units, a business owner, a private equity consultant, and startup accelerator, I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of entrepreneurs and businesses all over the world including North America, Europe and Asia, living abroad for about 10 years.

My passion is accelerating Business Growth. I think insane objectives are achievable and your Side Hustle can definitely lead to great wealth and financial freedom. Not to mention something you just love doing. From finding your niche to growing your business. We are about the business side of running a business.

I’m committed to providing actionable advice and Insights that you can put into practice right away. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, my blog is the perfect resource for anyone looking to grow their business and achieve unbelievable results in record time.

That’s why in my blog, you’ll find a wealth of resources, tips, and strategies to help you take your business to the next level. I believe that planning is a crucial element in any successful venture, and I’m passionate about helping others harness the power of planning to achieve their goals. Even the relatively simple task of setting the ‘right’ transformational goals is important. I will share with you the difference and how to set them for your business.

But my Insights go beyond just basic planning. I’ll also share my experiences and Insights on how to use tools more effectively, navigate complex business challenges, and build a strong network of supportive peers and mentors.

So, join me on this journey, and let’s work together to make your business dreams a reality!

Lisa Klein, Founder